Precast Concrete Services in Kansas City, MO

Whether you’re a project manager or a construction foreman, you may encounter the need for precast concrete in your project. If you face a situation that calls for concrete that isn’t poured onsite, you need precast concrete services from Allied Concrete Products. We’re located in Kansas City, MO, and are proud to offer a flat precast concrete delivery fee to any site within a fifty-mile radius of our location.

Our Products

While concrete paths and roads are typically poured onsite, the same can’t be said for other essential concrete structures. Luckily, Allied Concrete Products offers all the precast concrete fixtures your project might need. We sell:

  • Air conditioner bases
  • Benches
  • Cisterns
  • Drop inlets
  • Grease interceptors
  • Median barriers
  • Parking curbs
  • Privacy fences
  • Ranch rail fences
  • Septic tanks
  • Signs
  • Splash blocks
  • Steps

We offer multiple buying options for almost all of these products so that we can provide you with the exact piece of precast concrete that you need to complete your project.

Our Promise

You can count on the honest, reliable, and friendly team at Allied Concrete Products to manufacture, deliver, and install your precast concrete with precision. We’ll help you pick the best product for your needs so that you can be satisfied with what we deliver. We’re proud to guarantee that:

  • Our projects are completed on schedule
  • Our process is cost-effective
  • Our final product will exceed your expectations
  • Our employees are honest and skilled


Our Story

Allied Concrete Products was founded in 1948 by Barney and Rosemarie Maguire. Since then, we’ve kept our business in the family and can proudly say that we’ve been in business for four generations! In that time, we’ve built quite a reputation in Kansas City. Many local businesses have trusted us for years whenever they need precast concrete.

Join our legacy today by becoming another faithful client. Fill out our contact form today to get started.