Custom Signs

A unique, and long lasting curb appeal these concrete signs will make your business stand out. Allied Concrete Products is a large builder invited to design and build distinctive signs. Our company boasts wonderful detailed signs including various colors and hand painted art, shapes, sizes, double sided, various stands, custom lettering, and much more!


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In May of 2010 a construction company contacted us to make special meter box covers for use in sidewalks. We are the only manufacturer that they continue to use for these special pads.

Striping companies are some of our customers that pick up our parking curbs to install in various parts of the surrounding area. We have many regular customers that come in a few times a month.

Installers are another group of customers that have been doing business with us for many years. They install our septic tanks in the many counties in the surrounding areas. There are many loyal customers that order various tanks and we are very happy to be in business with them.

Being in business for as long as we have, we have done many special projects for construction companies through the years. On one project we were asked to replace 88 roof slabs on top of a power plant in downtown Kansas City, due to an explosion. We manufactured the original 240 roof slabs upon construction of the building, we were happy to help them replace 88 of those slabs, keeping in mind that the majority of the slabs survived the explosion and are still in place today.

Custom Stair Treads

Concrete Fence

We started making a fence for parks and recreation in the summer of 2010. The fence is bordering trails that cover the area. In the past 3 years they have continued installing it to cover more trails in the area. They have recently ordered trail markers to distinguish where the trail ends and where it begins.